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Robert Cronin ( MACI,MSFDBT )

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About Aghadoe Counselling Services

Aghadoe Counselling Services was established in 2016 by proprietor and therapist Robert Cronin. Robert works both in the private and public sector and has previously worked within community services within his field. Robert has been working as a counsellor for close to a decade and has always had a keen interest in the areas of both addiction and mental health.

Going back to college as a mature student he studied counselling and specialised at the time in the area of addiction before later branching out into the area of metal health.

His therapeutic work is underpinned by taking both a humanistic and behavioural approach to therapy and having Mindfulness as the foundation block to the therapeutic process.
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Our Services

Aghadoe Counselling Services will Strive to be there for you when you need it most.!

Addiction Counselling

Substance addiction can include dependency to tobacco, alcohol, street drugs and prescribed medication. Behavioural addiction can include

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Adolesent Counselling

I work with any range of issues that may be arising in the young person’s life whether it is to do with school, bullying, relationships, sexuality,

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Depression Counselling

We can all feel miserable, get down and have feelings of sadness from time to time. Usually these don’t last longer than a few days or

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Anger Management

If you find that you have excessive anger or have difficulty expressing yourself which often leads to you becoming angry resulting in negative consequences,

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Stress Management

Stress; all of us are susceptible to becoming stressed at different times in our lives. Stress is a physical mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse

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Bullying Councelling

Firstly the most important thing to understand is that there are things you can do to protect yourself from bullying. The big first step is talking to someone you can trust such as a friend,

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Our Clients say

Aghadoe Counselling Services will Strive to be there for you when you need it most.